AtlanticAssist is an established company specialised in providing Medical and Emergency services for the tourism sector.





  About us

AtlanticAssist is proud to be the first and only company in Madeira Island, providing Medical, Emergency and Assistance services, for the tourist sector, wich is the strongest economic force in the Island.

We had been in active, for the last 10 years constantly adapting, adjusting and building a strong network of partnerships which ensure the solidity and professionalism of all our available services.

Also extending our activity to the Ašores archipelagos and Portugal mainland.


AtlanticAssist is looking forward to building long term relationships with insurance or/and assistance companies, and to provide emergency medical and general travel services at the most competitive prices.
With a highly specialised and multilingual team, from the operational department right through to the medical board, AtlanticAssist is committed in providing the highest levels of customer service,
24 hours per day, year round.

Special Medical Assistance

AtlanticAssist’s medical department adds great value to the assistance services and enables its partners to have direct access to medical information.

On receiving notification of an ill or injured tourist, a medical consultant will immediately monitor the patient’s medical condition, speak with local physicians in order to issue medical reports, updates and fit to fly forms. In this way our partners will be able to evaluate the need for continued treatment, the possibility of repatriation, escort, etc.
Whatever the situation and at all times AtlanticAssist will defend its partners interests and guarantee they have the best quality service delivered in their name.

Regions of Operation

AtlanticAssist’s services are available through all of Portugal including its Islands.


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